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Head Chef: The title given to the Executive Chef or Chef de Cuisine of a small to medium sized operation.

To the uninitiated, a professional cook and a chef may look similar. In fact, the Executive Chef is at the very top of the kitchen.

Answer (1 of 30): To put it simply: An executive chef is boss of many chefs de cuisine who are bosses of sous chefs and line cooks like foot soldiers, have sous chefs as bosses with a layer of chefs de Partie at times.

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The difference between a head chef and an executive chef is quite distinct. Executive Chef / Chef De Cuisine - responsible for the entire galley staff, food planning, quality control, directs all the culinary and associated activities throughout the vessel either personally or through subordinate. .


[1] [2] A chef patron (feminine form chef patronne) (French for boss chef) or executive chef is a chef that manages multiple kitchens and their staff. Typical roles begin at the top with Executive Chef, followed by Sous Chef, followed again by Senior Chef. Executive Chef.

The highest-paid 10 percent of chefs and head cooks earned over $76,280 per year, while the lowest-paid workers in this role earned less. Head Chef: The title given to the Executive Chef or Chef de Cuisine of a small to medium sized operation.


A chef de cuisine ( French pronunciation: [ʃɛf.

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Last updated: Jun 7, 2021 • 2 min read. Executive chef: Manage the whole kitchen, handle finances, assess risks, and source ingredients.

The Sous Chef, for example, often has more of a hands-on role in the kitchen during meal service than the Executive Chef.
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Chef de Cuisine is the most senior position in a tiny kitchen.

This is because they are responsible for running different sections of the kitchen, including Butcher, Fish Chef, Fry Chef, Grill Chef, Pantry Chef, Roast Chef, Saute Chef, Vegetable Chef and Pastry Chef.

Sous Chef The sous chef is the second in charge and often training to become a head chef. In larger kitchens, however, they are second in command to an Executive Chef. Other chefs might be solely responsible for one aspect of the menu like grilled foods, sauces, fried foods, or fish.

. . . The Chef de Cuisine is the first-in-command on a day-to-day basis, managing all other food preparation employees, from the Sous Chef to the Pastry Chef to the Fry Cooks. . Assists the Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef in all food outlets and banquet events for the club.


The Chef de Cuisine is more commonly known as the Head Chef of the kitchen. Sep 16, 2022 · fc-falcon">Chef-Owner (Group Chef) A chef-owner is a chef that starts their own restaurant.

Feb 16, 2019 · In smaller, less flamboyant restaurants, the Chef de Cuisine sees to all this, and an executive chef would be redundant.



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Most have a sous chef who serves as the executive chef or chef de cuisine’s “right hand.